We have a responsibility to ourselves, our customers and society, to take a long-term approach in everything we do. Sustainable entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility are a prerequisite for our survival.

Building for the future and future generations has been the backbone of our business since the early days of Stena. For us, corporate social responsibility means trying to reduce our impact on the environment, acting ethically and contributing to economic development. At the same time, we strive to improve the quality of life for our employees, their families and society at large.

Our relentless effort towards sustainable solutions in all stages of the lifecycle guide our everyday activities and shape our business. Employing new technology and propel innovation to continuously improve the services we provide is our mission supporting the vision for Stena Teknik. This is manifested in for example:

  • The rapid technological development, combined with increased sustainability requirements, means that we must make use of all the knowledge that exists within the Group in order to lead the industry's transformation to renewable fuels and electrification.

    Ron Gerlach, Technical Director Stena Teknik


Stena Teknik is a general resource for all business areas within the Stena Sphere. Our activities consist of newbuilding and conversion projects and general technical advice as well as services in relation to research & innovation, sustainability and procurement & data.

Quality policy

Our position is built on the trust of our clients. Quality in everything Stena Teknik do is the number one priority. The quality policy defines how Stena Teknik meet client expectations, quality and competitiveness ambitions.


  • Legal requirements and Clients’ expectations shall always be met or surpassed.
  • The working relation with the Stena Sphere is characterised by cooperation, flexibility and proactiveness.
  • The services provided shall be competitive and provide efficiency for our clients.


  • As an organisation learn from past experiences and focus on continuous improvement.


  • Communicate the quality policy to colleagues, suppliers, contractors and clients.

Safety Policy

Stena Teknik’s work involves potential health and safety risks to our personnel and to people involved in our work. Stena Teknik’s work shall be safe and support wellbeing by:


  • Legal requirements and Clients’ expectations shall always be met or surpassed.
  • Promote a positive safety and health attitude.
  • Everyone has the right and the support from the management and the colleagues to actively intervene whenever unsafe and/or unhealthy behaviour or potential safety risks are identified.


  • Continuously strive to improve our performance in terms of safety and wellbeing.
  • Investigate and report all incidents, including near misses.
  • Promote and develop safety by providing necessary resources and training.


  • Communicate our safety policy to colleagues, suppliers, contractors and clients.
  • All employees are responsible for working safely, evaluating potential safety risks and taking measures in order to mitigate risks and improve safety.

Sustainability policy

Sustainability shall through awareness, engagement and action be an integrated part of our everyday work:


  • Legal requirements and Clients’ expectations shall always be met or surpassed.
  • Corporate and Clients’ sustainability policies shall be considered in every project.


  • Availability and development of sustainable technologies shall continuously be monitored, evaluated and considered.
  • Sustainable and economically sound solutions with focus on conservation of resources, protection of biodiversity, energy efficiency waste and emissions reductions shall continuously be developed and promoted to our clients.
  • In purchasing of materials and services and cooperate with key suppliers to continuously improve performance.


  • Communicate our sustainability policy to colleagues, suppliers, contractors and clients.


The Stena Teknik team currently encloses 20 employees based at the head office in Gothenburg. We provide technical cutting edge competence in numerous areas, resulting in efficient turnkey solutions. 


The Stena Teknik team has competence to handle all the stages of newbuilding and projects – from the concept to delivery.