Below is a selection of Stena Teknik projects and solutions.

Stena Elektra

Stena Elektra is the future vessel entirely powered by electricity. The RoPax vessel will sail up to 50 nautical miles – the distance between Gothenburg and Frederikshavn. The ship is planned to transfer 1200 passengers and 700 cars or 160 trailers, and its maiden voyage is set to no later than 2030.

Stena Proman

The methanol-powered Stena Prosperous will join the Stena ProPatria and the Stena ProMare in the Proman Stena fleet in H2 2022. Each vessel will use 12,500 tonnes per annum of methanol as a marine fuel, significantly reducing emissions in their normal commercial operations compared to conventional marine fuels.

Energy to Power

The Energy-to-Power concept is one way of exploring and advancing towards more sustainable fuels, and the path to a zero-emission future demands reliability, efficiency, and flexibility. Stena Teknik participates in the DOE-project, using the gas-to-power (GTP) process.

Fire and safety

Stena Teknik participates in several fire safety research projects, to support vessel operations in the Stena Sphere with state of the art methods and technology. We engage and promote open dialogue with our competitors, as well as national and international regulatory functions, and generously share our expertise and ongoing workflows.

Previous Projects


  • 13 tankers, designed for Stena Bulk operations
  • 183.2 m long
  • 50,000 DWT
  • The most energy efficient Eco MR Tanker existing
    • New and revolutionary hull lines
    • Specially designed propeller, rudders, engines, exhaust gas energy recovery and onboard systems.
  • Built at Guangzhou Shipyard China

RoPax 4050 lane metres

  • Operating for Stena Line between Hoek van Holland and Harwich.
  • High cargo capacity.
  • Excellent operational efficiency.

Stena Drillmax

  • Stena Drilling’s 4 drill ships, built at Samsung Heavy Industries.
  • Designed for deep water and harsh environment.
  • Stena DrillMAX ICE constructed for operation in arctic environment.

Stena V-MAX

  • First to be built according to the MAX concept at Samsung Heavy Industries.
  • increased cargo capacity by 20-40% compared to standard Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC).

Scrubbers - Closing the loop project

  • Pioneering development of green technology solutions for RoPax:es.
  • Research project supported by EU funding.


  • Constructed at Samsung Heavy Industries, South Korea
  • Designed for optimised fuel consumption
  • First ship was delivered in Q3-2011


  • Constructed at Samsung Heavy Industries, South Korea
  • Designed for deep water and harsh environments
  • Operates in the ice-covered waters of the Arctic


  • First-class oil transportation
  • Combine transport economy and flexibility with exceptionally high safety
  • Designed to transport both crude oil and refined petroleum products
  • The hull design enables a 30% transport increase


  • Developed for operation in shallow and narrow waters where other vessels are normally unable to sail
  • Can transport up to 17 different types of refined and unrefined petroleum products in separate tanks
  • Constructed in Gdynia, Poland

About Us

Stena Teknik is a common resource for all maritime related business in the Stena Sphere and has the role of an expert function in primarily marine technology.


The project group has competence from each area in order to be able to handle all the stages in a newbuilding project – from the idea phase to delivery.