Stena Teknik team consists of experts from different competence areas. We employ a cross-functional way of working, contributing to a holistic view and results in a continuous broadening of each team member’s knowledge and experience.

Newbuilding & projects

Stena Teknik Newbuilding & Projects activities span a broad range of expertise to manage concept development, newbuilding and conversion projects as well as technical upgrade and investigation projects from initial idea to delivery of an effective and operational solutions.

Key competences

Sustainability & Science

Our Sustainability & Science team propel research, innovation and technological savviness to support Stena’s shipping and offshore drilling business units. We coordinate, consolidate and grow technical knowledge on for example future fuels, and explore different collaboration networks to strengthen the diversity of expertise and perspectives, internally and externally.

Key competences

Procurement & Fleet Performance

Our Procurement & Data team makes every effort to ensure conformity between contracts and technical specifications. The procurement process shall establish what is being procured, price, terms of payment, performance, function and delivery in a clear and consistent manner o the benefit of all parties. In addition, we ensure data accessibility and ownership in all contracts and develop performance monitoring solutions with the business units.

Key competences

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When you work with us, you quickly realise that the world is just around the corner. In our day to day work, we combine curiosity with years of knowledge. Are you interested in joining our team? Learn more about a career at Stena Teknik by visiting our career page.


The Stena Teknik team currently encloses 20 employees based at the head office in Gothenburg. We provide technical cutting edge competence in numerous areas, resulting in efficient turnkey solutions. 


Stena Teknik provides marine technical solutions for all marine-related business areas in the Stena Sphere. We carry out newbuilding projects, from conceptual ideas to newbuildings ready for operation.