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Like other websites, we use cookies to store and then retrieve data from your computer, tablet or mobile when you next visit our site. We store our own and also allow for our trusted partners to store their tracker cookies.
Stena Teknik uses a so-called ‘Explicit Cookie Consent Model. This means that no cookies will be set until you have answered the question of whether or not you allow us to set cookies.

By giving your consent, you also consent to the processing of personal data stored in these cookies. The personal data is processed based on a balance between your individual interests and our legitimate interests. Our legitimate interest in processing your personal data lie in providing you with a good user experience whilst our commercial interest lies in obtaining information about visitors to our site.

Your answer to the question of consent is saved in a cookie that is renewed every 12 months. We will then ask for your consent again when you visit our website using the same computer and browser. We use cookies to obtain information about what pages you visit and in what order.

We use an advanced ePrivacy solution that demonstrates our respect for the privacy of our users and meets the requirements of the EU Cookie Directive and GDPR. To set your cookie preferences for Stena Teknik’s website, open the dialog box by clicking on the link/button found at the bottom of most web pages. This gives you the advanced option of setting cookies for our website in addition to what can be achieved using your browser’s settings option.

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Below follows a description of the different types of cookies we use including examples of our most important service partners.

Strictly necessary cookies

Certain types of cookies are necessary for our website to function properly. These types of cookies do not store personally identifiable information. They are generally referred to as ‘session cookies’ and are deleted when you close your browser.

These cookies cannot be turned off with our ePrivacy tool. If you turn off the session cookies in your browser, it may affect the functioning of our website.

Analytical cookies and other special functions

Analytical cookies allow us to keep track of how often you have visited our site, what pages you have viewed and your browsing path to our site. This gives us a picture of what pages are the most and least visited and how our visitors use our site.

Analytical cookies do not store any personal information about you as a person. If you do not allow these cookies, we will not know how many people have visited our site or how it is being used.

This information was updated date month year and the latest version will always be available on this site. The content of the information may be adjusted as laws and regulations change.